Tesla Electric Generator: Are You Set For This Green Home Generator

During 1891, a device that would become known as, the Tesla home generator, was invented  by Nikola Tesla. Not merely did he open the door to countless alternative energy opportunities, he also opened up over one-hundred years worth of heated debate. Tesla was passionate about the plight of the poor folks in the world. It worried him intensely that although many people had the advantages of electrical power, there were indeed countless more who could not. Anybody nowadays, who's known what it is like to have their own electrical power shut off by the utility company, would almost certainly, be curious about Tesla's alternative energy.

Tesla kept diaries in which he organised records of his experiments with cosmic rays and his power to use them to run a motive device. He also wrote about his personal ambition to provide free electrical power as a gift to everyone on this planet.

There was incredible work going on in Tesla's laboratory. Fueled by the concept that he would be able to harness the power of the sun, he labored night and day to make it come about. His wonderful breakthrough was the Tesla Coil. Tesla had been able, by making use of alternating electrical currents, to produce an electric powered generator that could deliver an incredibly high field of energy. Over time, Tesla produced hundreds of patents, and he was even commissioned by Westinghouse to work together on an AC current.

What Happened to the Tesla Home Generator?

Unfortunately, when he died, the government took nearly every one of his creations, plans, and journals. That's, until not long ago, when his plans have been leaking out to the public. It's not known if this is by theft, or insider work, nonetheless the general public are now able to obtain Tesla's plans, and work on personal energy freedom.

One of the easiest of the Tesla plans that is available is the, Tesla Home Generator Plans. It has been tested for cost, production, and ease of constructing, and came out rather well. It is something the regular do-it-yourselfer, could build and have running in probably a few hours.

When Tesla talked about collecting cosmic powers, and making use of the endless supply of the sunlight, he was not conversing like some sort of spaced-out cosmic cowboy. He had not been even referring to a solar panel style of energy, which merely runs on the sun's rays. He was in fact talking about the power of the sun itself, and that's what exactly is so difficult for many people to fully grasp

Tesla applied for a patent for a Radiant Energy Device in 1901 and it was actually, really quite simple. He needed an insulated metal piece, and set it as high as he could. He had one more plate placed into the ground. He ran wiring from one metal plate, through a capacitor, and then into the other metal plate. At this stage, the sun would begin to work, throwing off positively electrified particles of matter. These charged particles would ping backwards and forwards between the plates, creating the perpetual motion electrical energy, which many years before, one of his teachers had told him would be not possible to achieve. It is certain that Nikola Tesla would be gratified to see people building generators. He would be gratified to see people freeing themselves from the servitude of the electrical companies. Most of all, he would be gratified to see them building a Tesla home generator, all these years later.